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Pulse Oximeter CMS50QB - CHILD (Color Screen) PEDIATRIC

Pulse Oximeter CMS50QB - CHILD (Color Screen) PEDIATRIC

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More about the Pulse Oximeter CMS50QB - CHILD (Color Screen) PEDIATRIC

  • Designed to work with child finger sizes
  • Lightweight < 40g with battery in
  • Low power consumption / 10 hours continuous operation
  • One-button-operation
  • Brand new, boxed & CE marked
  • Clear colour digital display with 4 different display directions for easy use
  • Full instruction booklet included
  • Automatic switch-off after 5 seconds inactivity to save power
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Designed to work for children from approx. 2 years upwards, this easy to use finger pulse oximeter gives an accurate, reliable and dependable measure of blood oxygen, SpO2 and heart pulse rate. Adult finger pulse oximeters often do not work for children because the finger size is too small to operate the device, as I found with my own daughter – this child oximeter is specifically designed to work with children.

Working on the principle that oxygenated blood is a different colour from de-oxygenated blood, the child oximeter uses red and infrared light to compare the ratio of oxygenated to de-oxygenated blood giving a highly accurate measure of the oxygen saturation percentage of the blood.

Hospitals and healthcare clinics have used oximetry machines to monitor respiratory and other conditions for many years, but these machines were very large and cumbersome with large screens for display. The fingertip pulse oximeter is 4.6 cm long, 4 cm wide and weighs less than 40g with the battery in.

With one-button-operation the universal finger clip for child finger sizes from approximately 2 years fits onto the child’s finger and immediately registers blood oxygen saturation percentage, heart pulse rate and SpO2 levels clearly on the LCD display. Running off one rechargeable lithium battery, which is included meaning the oximeter is ready to go when you receive it, with an automatic switch-off after 5 seconds of inactivity to save power, and a running life of 10 hours of continuous operation this device could not be more long-lived and reliable. The battery low indicator means you have plenty of warning to recharge the battery.

The CMS50QB has a pulse rate sound indicator which can be switched on and off and an alarm which sounds if data exceeds its working parameters or if the power is low.

Rechargeable lithium battery, charger with UK 3 pin plug and charging cable, ready to go.


Please consult your GP before using medical devices for diagnosis purposes.

You need to be aware of the parameters for use of the finger pulse oximeter as below certain levels the readings can be less accurate.

This oximeter is designed for children rather than for adult finger sizes. For adult oximeters please see other listings. Not suitable for anyone with an allergy to rubber as the oximeter has rubber parts.


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