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Contec Laryngoscope Video CMS-GS

Contec Laryngoscope Video CMS-GS

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More about the Contec Laryngoscope Video CMS-GS

CMS-GS1 is a Reusable Video Laryngoscope, It provides better visualization for difficult Intubation, Making the difficult airway easy and quick, it is 3.5" Full Touch Color Screen,2.0 Mega Pixel Camera, 16GB Storage, Built-in Rechargeable battery, with Different disposable blades. SmartScope LV Pro Intubation success rates higher than others.

Application Range: It is widely used for Routine and difficult tracheal intubation. Could be used for doctors in Anesthesia, ICU/NICU/CCU, Operating Room, Emergency Rescue, Ambulance, ENT etc. Clinical training and teaching of tracheal intubation.


  • 3.5" Full Touch Color Screen.
  • Anti fog coating on distal lens Video/Photo function.
  • Battery rechargeable One button Only, Fast and simple operation 360 °All sight LCD, no blind spot.
  • Fully Portable Video endoscope laryngoscope,210g Anti-fog blade.
  • Can be connected to bigger monitor and computer Real-time take photo and video.
  • Disposable plastic S2 2,S3,S4 blade Making the difficult airway easy and quick.

  • Display : Monitor: LCD Display
  • Resolution Ratio:640X480RGB
  • Ratio: 4:3 video refresh
  • Rata: 30FPS
  • Data output: Easy to establish and store files in JPEG or MP4.16GB standard can lbc up grade to 256GB.
  • Connect to PC by USB-Typo C cable. image output: Connect to external LCD by HDMl cable, convenient for training and presentation
  • Camera and imago: Resolution Ratio 2.OM Pixels Ficld Angle : ≥80° lllurninancez≥100OLUX working distance: 20mm-100mm Color temperature ≥5000K Color reduction grade ≥4
  • Safety: Ergonomic and durable design for long time usage
  • High quality material with anti shatter protection for whole unit
  • Disposable Blades avoid cross infection Anti- Fog Lens and Anti-Microbial
  • Handle Fast: Fast intubation after short time training
  • Fast install or remove disposable blade
  • Lightweight and portable High- Definition 3.5 inch anti- reflective full touch display with 640*480 resolution 2.0 Mega Pixel Camera provide 1280*720P photo and video Rotation angle for up-down ≥120°and left-right ≥270°
  • Easy: One shot button for Recording
  • One cable connect to PC for data management
  • One cable connect to large LCD for better view (option)
  • Full touch scree with user friendly operation
  • Wireless charging Cost Effective Favorable cost for all kinds of disposable blades Rechargeable battery for at least 4 hours working time
  • Power and Battery: Type Rechargeable
  • Lithium Battery Battery life Cycle: More Than 500 times AC100-240V,50/60Hz,5OVA Charging times: less than 4hrs 5w Wireless Charging (Optional) Working Condition: Temperature; -10~+45℃


 *Please note: Batteries are NOT INCLUDED


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