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Contec Ambulatory BP meter ABMP50 - with Bluetooth

Contec Ambulatory BP meter ABMP50 - with Bluetooth

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More about the Contec Ambulatory BP meter ABMP50 - with Bluetooth

ABPM50 is a handhold ambulatory blood pressure monitor, which is designed according to oscillography theory. The device could monitor human body blood pressure up to 24 hours continuously and dynamically, providing accurate basis for the diagnosis. It is applicable for using in hospital, clinic and other medical institutions.


  • Compact and portable, user-friend interface, easy to use
  • Patient range: adult, pediatric, neonate
  • 24 hours ambulatory NIBP monitoring function, up to 350 groups of ambulatory NIBP data can be recorded for once.
  • Perfect combination of automatic and manual measurement method, up to 300 groups of data can be recorded for once by manual measure.
  • High-definition color TFT display, strong visibility
  • By data review interface such as "data list", "trend graph", big font", NIBP data is clear at a glance
  • Display of low power prompt, alarm, error message and time
  • Supply two kinds of unit: mmHg / kPa
  • Display interface can be switched between Chinese and English
  • Parameter alarm dispose function is optional
  • Communicate with PC, PC software can achieve data review, measured results analysis, view of trend graph, reports printing and other functions

Software features:

  • Connect to the device by USB interface
  • Download NIBP measure result from the terminal device
  • Display of scoop-shape trend graph, filling-type trend graph, histogram, pie chart, correlation line graph
  • Edit every piece of NIBP data, and add annotation to it
  • Edit basic information, doctor's advice, NIBP status instruction, current medicine-taken information, etc
  • Support report printing and print preview


  • Measurement method: Oscillometry
  • Operation model: Manual/Automatic/STAT
  • Measurement unit: mmHg/ KPa selectable
  • Measurement types: Systolic, Diastolic, Mean

Measurement range:

  • Adult pressure: 10 to 270 mmHg; Pulse rate: 30 to 220;
  • Pediatric pressure: 10 to 200 mmHg; Pulse rate: 30 to 220;
  • Neonate pressure: 10 to 135 mmHg; Pulse rate: 30 to 220
  • Resolution: 1 mmHg
  • Over-pressure protection: Yes
  • Input/output: USB
  • Accuracy: Pulse rate: ±2% or ±3 BPM which is greater
  • Blood pressure: Meets ANSI/AAMI SP10-1992
  • Safety: Independent safety microprocessor monitors cuff pressure, measurement time as well as the operation of the main microprocessor

Indications for use:

  • White-coat hypertension
  • Drug resistant hypertension
  • Hypertensive symptoms with anti-hypertensive medicines ABPM 50 is a non-invasive, silent, compact, lightweight and reliable blood pressure monitor for ambulatory application. 2 AA alkaline batteries can sustain more than 600 measurements in a period of 48 hours. It provides double safety protection and can be connected to any laptop or desktop PC. The software provides a user-friendly interface and comprehensive analysis

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